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Contact the Office of Injured Employee Counsel

The Office of Injured Employee Counsel (OIEC) is a state agency created by the Texas Legislature to represent the interests of injured workers as a class in the workers’ compensation system. The OIEC is overseen by Public Counsel, Norman Darwin.

OIEC Customer Service:

         Telephone:  1-866-EZE-OIEC (1-866-393-6432)
         Fax: 1-512-804-4181

Local Field Offices exist throughout the State of Texas and are staffed to assist you.  To determine which office is assigned to assist you with your claim, select this link:

To determine the correct contact information for any OIEC field office, select this link:

OIEC Field Offices


OIEC Employee Directory
If you need to reach a specific OIEC employee, this directory is organized by office and includes each employee's telephone number and email address.

For general inquiries or to contact the Public Counsel:

         7551 METRO CENTER DRIVE, SUITE 100, MS-50
         AUSTIN, TX 78744

To make an Open Records Request:

Open Records Policy